Cured meat products

Cured meat products

The cured meat products factory in Gouda produces both traditional and contemporary cured meat and meat substitute products We use various ingredients such as pork, beef, chicken and turkey, and plant-based ingredients for our vegetarian and vegan products. The different meat products are enriched through techniques such as baking, roasting, cooking, grilling, drying, salting and steaming. In addition, we offer several modelling and packaging options. In short: as a one-stop shop, we think along with our customers and we deliver products that are tailored to our customers and the market.

Cured meat — Gouda

COMPAXO Vleeswaren
Compaxo Gouda B.V.

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The Netherlands

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We offer a very wide range in the meat products industry. The various meat products we offer are enriched with techniques such as frying, roasting, cooking, grilling, drying, salting and steaming. We are a one-stop shop that actively contributes to the entire process of our clients. We are a major player in the fields of slicing and portioning and we also provide customised products.

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    Frequently asked questions

    ‘’Is Compaxo Zevenaar the only ingredient supplier for Compaxo Gouda?’’

    At our location in Zevenaar, we produce a wide range of fresh pork meat products. The site is closely connected to that of Gouda. It’s part of our chain that, from the ingredients to the end product, ensures our long-lasting quality reputation. Compaxo Zevenaar is an important supplier of ingredients for Compaxo Gouda, however, various ingredients are also purchased elsewhere, especially poultry and beef. 

    ‘’Do you work with fixed suppliers?’’

    Yes, we work with fixed suppliers for the delivery of our ingredients.

    ‘’How can I place an order?’’

    You can place an order via the EDI order system or you can send an email to our order administration. 

    ‘’What is the minimum order quantity at Compaxo Gouda?’’

    The minimum order quantity is 100 kg. 

    ‘’Do you supply private individuals?’’

    We do not deliver our meat to private individuals, partly because our minimum order quantity is 100 kg and because our focus is on the Business-to-Business market.

    ‘’What certificates do you hold?’’

    Compaxo meat products in Gouda holds the following certificates: IFS Higher Level, BIO, Beter Leven and NSK.

    ‘’Do you also sell veggie and/or vegan products?’’

    We sell various veggie and vegan products. Our product range of meat substitutes extends from sausages to meat products and from meal components to toppings. You can find the full veggie and vegan product range on our website, under the heading ‘our offer’.

    ‘’Do you have an overview of your product range?’’

    You can find an overview of our full product range on our website, under the heading ‘our offer’. 

    ‘’Where can we find your products?’’

    We sell our products to various market segments, such as retail, wholesalers, industry and food service. We also export our products to America, Asia and Europe among other continents.

    ‘’What packaging options are available?’’

    We have various packaging options and techniques, including thermoforming, flow wrap, shrink bags, trayseals, cans and non-preservative packaging. For more information regarding our packaging options, please go to our website, under the heading ‘our services – packaging’.

    ‘’Which brands fall within your portfolio?’’

    Next to the ‘Compaxo brand’, Compaxo has several other brands within its portfolio, including ‘Slagershuis’ and ‘By 1896’. The budget brand ‘Slagershuis’ stands for a good price-quality ratio. The brand ‘By 1896’ on the other hand, includes high-quality premium items that make the difference in the market. In addition, we sell a significant proportion of our products under private labels. For more information on our brands and for appropriate advice, please contact one of our account managers by sending an email to 

    ‘’Is it possible to sell products under a private label?’’

    At Compaxo, it is certainly possible to sell your items under a private label. A significant proportion of our products are sold under private labels by our customers.

    ‘’Do you outsource the transport?’’

    Within the country, we have the possibility to deliver our meat with our own lorries. Of course, if you wish, you can also collect our products with your own vehicles. For the export of our products, we work with an external party. 

    ‘’What are the steps in a product development process?’’

    A complete product development process consists of 5 phases. Phase 1 is the gathering of information: we receive the customer’s wishes and we concretise them together with the client. Your specifications are then assessed and your order is scheduled. Phase 2 comprises the development of the product. After the product has been developed, you will receive samples and we expect you to evaluate those. Phase 3 consists of the drawing up of an offer and the processing of your order. In that phase, all logistical and product information is also recorded. In phase 4, the ingredients are purchased and, if necessary, research is conducted into quality-related issues. In phase 5, the production of the articles takes place.

    ‘’What is the average lead time from product request to delivery?’’

    That depends of the product type, the ingredient delivery times and the complexity of the product to be developed. For an indication of your lead time, we advise you to contact our sales department at

    ‘’What do you do in terms of corporate social responsibility?’’

    As a company, we are committed to operating in a sustainable manner, also taking into account our society. We take measures in the areas of animal welfare, social responsibility, health and hygiene policy, climate and environment. For a detailed description of our policy, please visit our website, under the heading ‘about us’.

    ‘’What do you do in terms of food safety?’’

    Compaxo is certified according to the food standard IFS, and we continue to regard that as the quality standard to be maintained. The fact that we check the quality of our products and ingredients partly in our own laboratory makes us very flexible: we can immediately react to unsatisfactory results. Besides, we try to think along with our customers: in order to make our products healthier we reduce salt, E numbers and allergens.

    ‘’What do you do in terms of hygiene?’’

    Investing in the improvement of our hygiene policy is very important to us. The fact that we extensively check the quality of our products and ingredients in our own organoleptic and microbiological laboratory also gives us great flexibility. 

    ‘’What do you do in terms of animal welfare?’’

    Because our fresh meat division in Zevenaar is a supplier of our meat products factory in Gouda, we have a good supervision of animal welfare. Thanks to various measures, such as the cooperation with certified cattle transporters, we are able to keep our working method as animal-friendly as possible. Developments in the field of pre-slaughter anaesthesia are closely monitored and compared to the current anaesthetic method to see whether it can be done in an even more animal-friendly way. As a company, we carry out many checks on animal welfare and we continue to make improvements wherever possible.

    ‘’How can I apply for a specific position?’’

    Are you interested in working for a dynamic company in the food industry? Great! We have a separate page for our vacancies on our website. Under the heading ‘jobs’ you’ll find our current vacancies. Send your CV and motivation letter to and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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