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We are a one-stop-shop that offers various services to increase the efficiency of our clients in a very hands-on manner. We can also tailor these services to their specific needs.


At Compaxo, the possibilities in terms of modelling are endless. Depending on the customer’s goal and market segment, we offer our products in different servings, shapes, sizes, compositions and weights to make them look their best.

Transport & logistics

Once the products have been packaged, they are added to our stock in our air-conditioned distribution hall. That is where the orders are prepared for transport every day. Our supply of fresh products of consistent quality stands or falls with our streamlined logistics and distribution. Thanks to our own fleet of trucks we excel in flexibility.

Spice mixing facility

Forget pre-mixed herbs and spices and go for unique, custom-made flavour compositions. Our in-house spice mixing facility allows us to create individual spice mixes that offer our customers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We can trace all the ingredients used, so we guarantee high-quality recipes that customers can refine themselves. Choose a uniqu recipe or rely on our expertise for the best mix.


Once the cured meat and meat substitute products are finished, they are packaged in-house. One of our most important tasks is to choose the packaging carefully to suit the product’s characteristics.

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Aarzel dan niet om contact met ons op te nemen voor een vrijblijvend gesprek. Wij stellen ons meer dan open voor nieuwe partnerschappen en uitdagende voorstellen.

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