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We are committed to master the challenges and meet the ever-changing tastes of our end customers in order to take on a wide range of activities in the food industry. From changing eating patterns to quirky creations. As a major food industry player, we market both fresh pork meat products and a wide range of (customised) cured meat and meat substitute products for varied target groups:

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Companies selling goods and/or services to consumers

In this segment, we have traditionally supplied products at the consumer portion level. That mainly includes pre-sliced meat and meat substitutes products and single items. At present, our Gouda site (cured meat products) is mainly active in the retail market, both under private label and under the Compaxo brand label. In order to achieve the most competitive product prices, we continue to challenge ourselves with process improvements. During the optimization, we also take into account the effects on our end consumers’ health and the sustainability of the process. Moreover, the commercial team supports product launches and offers advice based on data-driven market trends. As a one-stop-shop partner, we can respond even more effectively to market opportunities and we can make it attractive for retailers to select a more compact group of suppliers. Thanks to its wide product range, that group can think along with its retailers.



Companies that are responsible for all meals that are prepared outside of the home and use our products for that purpose

Due to an increase in foods consumed out-of-home and the changing eating times and patterns, we offer products that are delivered in bulk. Our food services customers then divide those products into portions at consumer level. To keep up with the dynamic world of food services, we regularly adjust our product range. This segment offers many opportunities for the future, especially in the field of packaging and modelling.



Companies that outsource their product line production to Compaxo

Anyone who wants to market their own creation under licence is also in good hands with us. The combination of our innovative character and our many years of tradition allows us to develop unique products in close collaboration with you.
Our vision of the world of (food) production is that specialisation will increase and that the focus will spread to various areas. By working with a partner like us and outsourcing the production process, our customers are able to shift their attention to the marketing, branding and sales of their products. Our customers include start-ups that are marketing innovative meat and/or meat substitute solutions, but also producers elsewhere in the world that are looking for a partner in the Netherlands or in Europe to outsource recipes. Under the motto “Our factory is your factory” and with the help of our production facilities, know-how and organisational skills, we tinker together on customised products.

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Companies that buy our products as raw materials or semi-finished products as a component for their products

We are a strong partner for producers because we control the entire chain and we offer a wide range of fresh pork meat products, cured meat products and vegetarian and vegan products. First, producers can use our cured meat and meat substitute products as components for new end products and/or outsource recipes to us. In response to the growth of the convenience market, our products are also increasingly used as toppings or components in other meals. Second, as a meat producer we have the responsibility to maintain the quality of our range at a certain (constant) level at all times. Especially for this category, in which convenience is developing rapidly, we do are best to be up-to-date. By including our products as components in certain end products, we want to offer the consumer more added value and contribute to the diversity of consumption moments.

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The link between manufacturer and retail trade

Wholesalers can approach us for fresh meat products, cured meat products and plant-based meat substitutes or a set, smaller selection of products. Especially in the Netherlands, the wholesalers play an important role. They buy large quantities of meat and meat replacement products and sell them on to retailers or other professional bulk buyers, such as hotels, pubs and restaurants. Our wide range and extensive know-how in terms of fresh pork meat products, cured meat products and meat substitutes products, recipes, packaging and logistics guarantee a strong, stable relationship. In order to offer the best possible service to retailers, such as butcher and specialist shops, Compaxo works with partners who take care of the refined distribution for us. This allows us to continue to supply specialist shops with our products.

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The merchant companies that buy and sell products

Through intermediaries, we are able to distribute and introduce our products to new locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Whether our customers are in or outside Europe, we make sure that our Compaxo contact can always provide a tailored answer. By working together, we forge a partnership that meets the needs of the intermediary and the end client. We select the right fresh pork meat together, from bulk shoulder products to the high-quality ingredients for our own products.

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Sending goods and/or services abroad to be sold to companies

We also offer a wide range of products and services to our foreign partners. In addition to our experience in exporting meat and meat substitute products, we also export ready-to-eat products. The customer makes a selection, and we take care of all the export formalities for the chosen products to the specific location. The cross-channel sales opportunities of Zevenaar and Gouda are therefore boosting the activities of our family business and are helping to develop a more complete and coherent product portfolio. This has made us a well-known partner in the worldwide industry and has allowed us to strengthen the Netherlands’ position in terms of meat exports, pig farming and agriculture.

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