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Family food company

As a family business, we have been going the extra mile for over 125 years. Not only retail, but also wholesale, industry, food services, co-manufacturing, export and intermediaries in the Netherlands and far beyond benefit from our services. With the entire chain in our hands, we assure great quality and acquire, process, package, distribute and above all improve everything ourselves. Compaxo, that’s more than a century of reliability.

Family food company

The chain
A to Z

  1. Acquire

    The fresh pork meat products are produced in Zevenaar. There, more precisely in the pig slaughterhouse, we process pigs worthy of the Dutch quality label for integrated chain management (IKB) into fresh cuts of pork.

  2. Process

    We obtain the ingredients for our various products from our location in Zevenaar and our other suppliers. Our Gouda site prepares those supplied products and processes them further into cured meat products for various customers. Furthermore, we also produce plant-based alternatives. And last but not least, we have our own spice mixing facility that enables us to create a unique taste experience for each customer.

  3. Package

    We also provide and personalize the packaging. Both in name of Compaxo and under a private label. Thanks to our techniques and advanced packaging lines, we can also slice and optimally preserve products of different types and sizes in-house.

  4. Distribute

    We also take care of the products’ logistics, which which ensures high flexibility. We deliver our products to our customers ourselves, in full compliance with the highest standards and regulations, and at all desired temperatures.

  5. Improve

    We respond to the latest trends and continue to improve the quality of our services and products. To achieve that, we carry out extensive tests in our organoleptic and microbiology labs and we use our customers’ feedback to better meet their specific needs in the future.

Fresh pork meat

Fresh pork meat — Zevenaar

At our location in Zevenaar, we produce a wide range of fresh pork meat products. This location is also closely connected to the Gouda site. It is part of the chain that ensures our long term quality reputation, from raw ingredients to the finished product. The delivery of our pigs is checked entirely in-house and at a highly automated level. The fresh meat then goes to our customers abroad and in the Netherlands, including to the Gouda location, and is processed into various cured meat products.

Cured meat

Cured meat — Gouda

The cured meat products factory in Gouda produces both traditional and contemporary cured meat and meat substitute products. We use various ingredients such as pork, beef, chicken and turkey, and plant-based ingredients for our vegetarian and vegan products. The different meat products are enriched through techniques such as baking, roasting, cooking, grilling, drying, salting and steaming. In addition, we offer several modelling and packaging options. In short: as a one-stop shop, we think along with our customers and we deliver products that are tailored to our customers and the market.

Veggie & Vegan

Compaxo has been rolling up its sleeves since 1896 to serve its customers at all times. We see new questions as new opportunities and we evolve with our target groups and society as a whole.

Our products

What we offer

Our markets

We are committed to master the challenges and meet the ever-changing tastes of our end customers in order to take on a wide range of activities in the food industry. From changing eating patterns to quirky creations. As a major food industry player, we market both fresh pork meat products and a wide range of (customised) cured meat and meat substitute products for varied target groups:

We connect with every partner and stakeholder, treasuring integrity and openness in every meeting, encounter or chat. Those strong partnerships require a special touch of individuality and a large dose of flexibility, and we have plenty of both. We completely commit to a prosperous future for both our own stakeholders and the entire society.

We love to help anyone in need of quality customised products, whatever step of the chain they are currently in or whatever questions they may have. We listen to our customers’ needs and we develop products that are fully tailored to their requirements.

Because we control the entire chain from pig supply to logistics, our customers get to enjoy total solutions that are traceable at every step of the collaboration and that are delivered by a single partner.

We are a socially responsible company with family traditions firmly embedded into everything we serve. Dedicated to our rich heritage and continued excellence. We also do not shy away from responding to the innovations of our time.

As an end-to-end producer, we pull all the strings from start to finish. This means that we consistently have control over the quality.

We offer a wide range of product groups, but also like to present the latest solutions tailored to our customer’s wishes or to a specific social issue.

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