Once the cured meat and meat substitute products are finished, they are packaged in-house. One of our most important tasks is to choose the packaging carefully to suit the product’s characteristics.

Shrink bag

Shrink bags seal the cured meat and veggie and vegan products from the outside air with a vacuum technique for excellent preservation. Shrink bag packaging is a very well known method in the food industry. The bag is ‘shrunk’ tight around the product so that the film’s edges are barely visible. This also limits excess plastic.


Flow wrap packaging allows a brand to present the product in an authentic way, while – in most cases – preserving what is inside. We use this technique a lot for consumer packaging.


A special thermoforming machine creates this vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). There is a wide range of top film options, as the film can be fully or partially printed with windows based on the customer’s wishes and style. Some thermoform packaging are given euro slot hang tabs.


Trayseal is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). It uses a preformed plastic container/tray that is hermetically sealed with a top film. The consumer trays have a resealable lid, which makes the product very convenient for daily use. B2B packaging is not resealable in this way.


Cans The cans have a lid that allows consumers to reseal the package at any time. Furthermore, they guarantee a long non-refrigerated shelf life making this particular packaging concept ideal for convenience products that are consumed on the go.

Unpreserved packaging

Customers want to be able to buy products without extra packaging. Unpreserved packaging also conveys a sense of craftsmanship and tradition.

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