Fresh Pork Meat

Fresh Pork Meat

At our location in Zevenaar, we produce a wide range of fresh pork meat products. This location is also closely connected to the Gouda site. It is part of the chain that ensures our long term quality reputation, from raw ingredients to the finished product. The delivery of our pigs is checked entirely in-house and at a highly automated level. The fresh meat then goes to our customers abroad and in the Netherlands, including to the Gouda location, and is processed into various cured meat products.

Fresh pork meat — Zevenaar

COMPAXO Vers Varkensvlees
Compaxo Zevenaar B.V.
EG nr. 121

6902 PK Zevenaar
Edisonstraat 48
The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)316 58 44 44
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Our location in Zevenaar was a very deliberate choice. First of all, there are many livestock farms in this region. This ensures a short supply line and increases flexibility. Secondly, the port of Rotterdam offers good connections with the European hinterland, which benefits our export activities. It was a smart move and the location has now grown into a major export slaughterhouse.

Another activity that takes place at our Zevenaar site is the production and export of salted pork belly and bacon. A separate division was set up for this purpose in 1982 with various locations for storage and processing that are fully integrated into the slaughter, processing and packaging process.

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    Frequently asked questions

    ‘’Do you work with fixed pig suppliers?’’

    Yes, we work with a selection of fixed pig suppliers, so that we have a grip on and sufficient control over the delivery of our pigs.

    ‘’What certificates do you hold?’’

    Our fresh pork division in Zevenaar has the following certificates: BIO, Beter Leven, BRC, Global G.A.P., IKB, PVE and QS.

    ‘’Can I receive a product specification with my products?’’

    It is certainly possible to receive a product specification with your products. If you give the item to your account manager, he or she can request the product specification for you. You can also find the product specifications for our fresh pork meat products on our website, under the heading ‘our offer’.

    ‘’How can you guarantee that Compaxo’s products meet the quality requirements in accordance with legislation and regulations?’’

    Both internal and external audits are carried out on a regular basis, ensuring that our quality standards are maintained. In addition, our quality department monitors the total quality and integrity management systems within Compaxo. Our quality department consists of five subdepartments: Quality Control & KAM, QA training and coordination systems, a microbiological and chemical lab, a process control and organoleptic lab, and specification management. 

    ‘’What product categories do you sell?’’

    We sell various product groups, including shoulder products, loin and belly products and leg or ham products. For the full range we refer you to the heading ‘our offer’ on our website. Are you curious to find out more about our possibilities? Please feel free to contact us at 

    ‘’What packaging options are available?’’

    Almost all of our products can be delivered fresh or frozen. If the desired packaging is not on the list below or if you would like the exact formats, please contact one of our account managers. 

    ‘’What do you do in terms of animal welfare?’’

    Thanks to various measures, such as the cooperation with certified cattle transporters, we are able to keep our working method as animal-friendly as possible. Developments in the field of pre-slaughter anaesthesia are closely monitored and compared to the current anaesthesic method to see whether it can be done in an even more animal-friendly way. As a company, we carry out many checks on animal welfare and we continue to make improvements wherever possible.

    ‘’Do you also export products?’’

    The fresh pork meat goes to customers at home and abroad, including to the Gouda location, for further processing into meat products.  

    ‘’How can I apply for a specific position?’’

    Are you interested in working for a dynamic company in the food industry? Great! We have a separate page for our vacancies on our website. Under the heading ‘jobs’ you’ll find our current vacancies. Send your CV and motivation letter to and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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