At Compaxo, the possibilities in terms of modelling are endless. Depending on the customer’s goal and market segment, we offer our products in different servings, shapes, sizes, compositions and weights to make them look their best.

Log for slicing

Prior to the slicing process, our production facilities form logs of various lengths. Ranging from a few dozen centimetres to more than a metre. We also supply other slicers in the business-to-business market with high quality logs for slicing.


In the mid-20th century, we started forming cervelats in small snack sizes. We have since become one of the largest producers in this field in the Netherlands. These snacks can be finished in slices or as min sausages or mini balls. After the cervelat snacks, we also started forming other snack-sized meat and plant-based products, such as mini meatballs, smoked sausage slices, mini cabanossi, hot dogs and knockwursts.

Sliced products

Many of our products are available in sliced varieties. The customer can decide on slices’ thickness, shape, finish, size, diameter and distribution inside the packaging. Depending on the type of product, the thickness of the slice also influences the taste experience. The department that slices our meat and meat subtitute products is now the largest of our company and is equipped with state-of-theart slicers and a high-care slicing centre.

Meal components

Fresh pork meat products, plant-based products and cured mea products are extremely important ingredients in meals such as sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, snacks, stews, soups and salads. We realise that these products are very valuable for our business-to-business partners to meet the wishes of their direct consumers. Our customers also include industrial producers of ready meals on a larger scale.

Bulk products

To satisfy the need for somewhat larger quantities, customers can also obtain products in bulk. Often, those products are bought in that form to be portioned out later on. That allows portioning to take place shortly before consumption, which is beneficial for the freshness of the product. In that type of modelling, we focus on intensive communication about the needs and wishes concerning the product. We also offer various packaging options for storing larger quantities of meat products.

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