Fricandeau does not have too many additives. It is therefore close to nature and has a neutral taste. Fricandeau has many similarities with pork roast which has undergone a similar grilling process. In general, fricandeau is slightly more tender, raw and neutral in flavour than pork roast. Fricandeau is also slightly more raw than pork roast because it is cooked at a lower temperature. This also gives fricandeau a slightly more pink colour. Fricandeau is a real luxury product and is therefore also considered the ‘roast beef of the pig’, which has similarities in terms of rawness and preparation.

Fricandeau is made from the buttock of the pig. Fricandeau can be grilled, roasted, fried and stewed. Fricandeau has an oval cut, but can also be rolled into a round shape.

The fricandeau is grilled and has an artisanal feel. Fricandeau has a quite neutral flavour and is tender in bite.

Fricandeau is available in bulk but also sliced.

Fricandeau tastes good combined with Asian flavours. A great example is stir-fried noodles combined with fricandeau slices and teriyaki sauce..


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